Complementing Your Modern Home With Modern Garage Doors: Five Ideas To Inspire You


If you have a contemporary or modern style home, you need garage doors that enhance and complement your home's architectural virtues. Depending on the look you are trying to create, there are several different type of Centurion garage doors you may want to consider. To inspire you, here are five ideas that can all be used on their own or blended together to create the effect you desire:

1. Horizontal Stripes Or Slats

Modernistic homes tend to feature long horizontal lines, rectangular shapes and flat roofs, rather than the triangular roofs and vertical lines of many traditional homes. Mirror these lines in your garage door by investing in a door that features horizontal lines or slats. You can buy monochromatic doors that alternate two shades of the same colour in thin horizontal stripes, or you can buy steel or wood doors that alternate slats of that material with glass or another material.

2. Vertical Windows

When it comes to lines, you don't just have to play with horizontal lines. With contemporary houses, your style objective is sometimes just to be new and different. Instead of buying a garage door with the windows lined up horizontally across the top of it, consider looking for a garage that has a line of windows running vertically down its side. In addition to the novelty of the vertical window arrangement, the asymmetry is inherently modern.

3. Opaque Glass

Rather than restricting your windows to one side of the door, consider investing in garage doors full of windows. If you love light, you will love the look of garage doors filled with opaque glass framed in polished aluminium. To provide privacy, the windows should be opaque, but when backlight, they will lighten up your home and create an unrivaled look of elegance.

4. Minimalist Colored Steel

Instead of having garage doors that make a huge visual impact, consider completely understated, minimalist doors. Manufacturers make cosmopolitan looking steel garage doors that blend into your exterior, and you can choose any colour of steel for these doors.

5. Reclaimed Elements

In many cases, the most contemporary thing to do with your garage door is to play with old materials. You can make garage doors out of reclaimed barn wood. Imagine the soft comfort of this repurposed wood surrounded by modern industrial steel siding on your house. You will love the contrast using materials like these can create.



12 May 2015

Security Doors, Frames and Locks: Securing Your Home's Openings

Hi, my name is Brenda, and welcome to my blog. A few years ago, my home became the victim of a burglary. I didn't think it was possible because we live out in a relatively remote rural area, but it happened. After that, I knew I never wanted anyone in my home again without my permission. As a result, I begin to secure my home. I ended up realising the the doors were less secure than the windows. I replaced our doors with metal security doors, but I also got new frames and locks. If you want to keep your home secure, take a look around this blog. It has posts on everything I have learned about securing your doors. I hope these ideas keep you safe and happy!