Installing A Screen Door For The First Time


A screen door is an ideal addition to a home. Although it offers some protection in the winter months, it really comes into its own during the summer. Fresh air and light can flow into the property, while flying pests are kept at bay. Installing a screen door is a great project for an inexperienced DIY person, as it is straightforward and doesn't require much time. This article looks at the steps involved when installing a screen door to your property.

Decide How It Will Open

The first decision you have to make is which direction you want the door to open. If possible, you should try and have the screen handle matching up with the main door handle. This makes it much more natural when opening the screen door and then the main door. However, this is not possible in all cases. Sometimes, the screen door is obstructed by a wall or a lamp, and you may have to consider having the door open from the other direction.

Dry Fit The Door

Assuming that you have purchased the right size of screen door, place it into the opening of the frame. If you have to, make little adjustments so that it sits dead centre and that there is an equal distance from the top and bottom and both sides. It may be helpful to have someone else hold the door while you stand back and inspect it. While it is in this position, mark the areas where the hinges will go. Use a pencil to mark the locations.

Drill In The Hinges

The only real problem that can happen at this stage is that you fit the hinges the wrong way. Before drilling them into place, check that they swing the door out and not in. Once you have positioned the hinges correctly, use a drill to fix them in place, using the pencil marks as a guide. Once done, position the door back in the frame so that you can mark the area on the door jamb where the hinges will go. Use the supplied screws to secure the hinges into place. Fix the bottom screw of the hinge first, adjust the door so it is straight and then drill in the next screw.

Install The Handle And Closer

The next thing to do is to fix on the screen door handle. This is usually quick and simple; the screws will be supplied with the door. Once the handle is in place, test the door to make sure it swings freely. Lastly, if your particular screen door came with an automatic door closer, install it now. It is simply a matter of positioning the closer at the top corner of the door and fixing it into place. One part is connected to the door and the other part is placed against the wall.

You can also fit a rain cap if you desire. These are fixed to the top of the door to prevent water seeping inside.

If you have specific questions about the style of screen door to install, or if you decide you won't be able to install one on your own, talk with someone from a company like Mitchell Aluminium.


19 August 2015

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