Tip for Choosing the Right Garage Door for Your Home


Your home's garage door is more important to its overall style and even its safety and security than you may realize. A poorly maintained garage door can make the whole exterior of your home look rundown and shabby, and also offer a potential intruder a good entry point. When you're ready to choose a new garage door, note a few tips for selecting the right style and material as well as safety features.

1. Shape and style

The shape and style of your home's garage door is very important. Note that some garage doors are wood and look like doors you would see on a barn, with large handles in the middle and curved wood insets that create the look of a curved top. This might seem very attractive in a catalog, but consider your home's overall design; if the window frames, porch, and other areas are straight with no arches, you want a square garage door to match. You also want to avoid this style if your home is modern with clean, simple lines.

On the other hand, if you prefer a homey and welcoming design, a carriage style door, with two faux handles in the middle and a curved wood insets, can make your home seem very traditional and even old-fashioned.

2. Windows

If you look at a style of garage door and it seems to resemble a compound or industrial facility entryway, consider if it has windows. Adding windows to a garage can allow in light when you're inside the garage working on your car, and they also make a garage door seem more homey and less dull and drab. Even one line of windows at the top of the garage door can soften the look of the door and make it more attractive overall. For a modern garage door that is meant to look industrial, consider frosted windows in a simple square shape to keep it from looking too imposing.

3. Security

Don't assume that a wood garage door is somehow less secure than any other type of door, as most wood doors have a steel underside that makes them difficult to break. However, a lightweight aluminum door may be somewhat easier to bend with a crowbar or pry bar. When choosing the door for your home's garage, consider adding deadbolts to the inside if you want to increase the security of a lightweight door and help to keep out intruders.


15 January 2016

Security Doors, Frames and Locks: Securing Your Home's Openings

Hi, my name is Brenda, and welcome to my blog. A few years ago, my home became the victim of a burglary. I didn't think it was possible because we live out in a relatively remote rural area, but it happened. After that, I knew I never wanted anyone in my home again without my permission. As a result, I begin to secure my home. I ended up realising the the doors were less secure than the windows. I replaced our doors with metal security doors, but I also got new frames and locks. If you want to keep your home secure, take a look around this blog. It has posts on everything I have learned about securing your doors. I hope these ideas keep you safe and happy!