Troubleshooting Some Simple Garage Door Repairs


Your automatic garage door should work for years without any problems, but it can occasionally malfunction or otherwise need repairs and maintenance. You may have done something to damage the door and its parts, or something may have simply broken down due to age and use. Note a few simple garage door repairs that you might be able to troubleshoot yourself and when you should handle these on your own versus calling a garage door repair specialist.

1. The Garage Door is Off Track

If the garage door is not closing on one side as it should, it's often because it's off track. You may notice the door seems lopsided as it tries to close or that one side won't close at all. You can examine the rollers on the sides of the door and note if they're off the track or if the track is bent so that the door can't follow its path. If so, you need to either bend the track back into place so that it can hold the weight of the door or repair the reason it's off track. This might be because a cable or spring has broken and cannot lift that side of the door. If this is the case, you need a professional to replace that cable or spring for you.

2. The Garage Door Seems to Sag

As a door gets older, the hinges between its panels may start to wear out so that the door seems to sag in the middle. Wood doors are especially notorious for this as they absorb moisture over time and, in turn, expand and then contract or sag. Look behind the door for tension rods that run diagonally across the door and note if you can tighten these in the middle where two rods are joined together. If there is no tension rod, you can usually buy one and install it yourself; tightening the tension with the rod will keep the door from sagging and ensure it stays straight and is then easier to open and close.

3. Locking Bars Don't Align

Your garage usually locks in place with a bar that runs horizontally along the back, which slides into a slot on the side of the door when the door is closed. Over time, this arm may no longer be in line with the slot so that the two pieces don't align. You can remove the slots on the side of the door and reposition them when the door is closed so they align with the locking arm; use a drill to drill new holes for them and keep them in place so the garage door locks properly.


10 March 2016

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