How to Identify Windows That Need Repairs


Many times, it may not be easy for you to identify a window that needs to be repaired because the defect may not be visible when you take a casual glance at the window. Such hard-to-detect defects can increase your energy bills because heat will be leaking out or into the home. This article discusses how you can find out which windows in your home need to be repaired.

Shake Them

Shake each window gently. All components should be secure and firm. Any rattling that you may hear could indicate that the windows are not sealed thoroughly. Repair the seals so that warm or cold air no longer finds its way into your home.

Look for Light

Observe the area around each window frame during the day. Do you see any sunlight streaming in through that frame? Any light that you can see will be an indicator that air is getting out or getting into the house. You can use caulk or weather-stripping to repair the seams of the windows.

Perform a Pressure Test

You may not have the tools and the skills to perform an air-pressure test on each window. However, you can use an alternative to this test to know whether there are leaks in your windows. Close all windows, vents and doors. After that, turn on the exhaust fans in your kitchen and the bathroom. Next, light a stick of incense. Walk around the house and place the burning incense stick near each window frame. Observe the direction of the trail of the smoke from the incense stick. Any place that is leaking will cause the smoke to change direction. Some people may wish to use a candle in the place of the stick of incense. This may not give you the results that you want because the candle will hardly give off any smoke.

Check the Locks

Make sure that all locks on windows work properly. The lock helps to push the window against the seal so that no air leakage takes place. Any defective lock should be repaired immediately because the edge of the window may not be making full contact with the seal when you close a window with a defective lock.

Perform the checks above regularly, such as twice each year. You will also get better results if you alternate the checks above with inspections carried out by a window repair professional. That professional may spot defects that are beyond your ability to detect and be able to make any necessary window repairs as quickly as possible. 


20 April 2016

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