The Advantages of Installing Sliding Wardrobe Doors in Your Bedroom


You might be installing a new wardrobe in your bedroom or updating the doors of an existing closet. While you'll have several door styles available, consider the following advantages of sliding models.


The sideways movement of sliding doors saves floor space. These doors don't swing outwards to block someone else's path in a shared bedroom. Thus, they allow for better flow if two people use the room, making them more convenient.

Freedom of Room Layout

Sliding doors also open up your room layout options. You may wonder how a simple door style can have this effect. Because a hinged door opens outwards, it can force you to move the bed either further away from the wardrobe or even to a different spot in the room simply to allow enough space for the wardrobe doors to open.

If you install sliding doors, though, you'll have more layout options. You can put the bed in your preferred position. You could place a comfortable chair in the room corner in front of a sliding wardrobe door, as you can still access the closet by sliding it open. A swinging door can't open if a chair is placed in front of it. A sliding door is especially helpful when planning a cramped bedroom by not limiting your options.

Attractive Design

Sliding doors don't need handles, so they create an attractive, clean look. Plus, you can use various materials for the doors. For example, mirrored panels will make the room seem more expansive while providing a handy reflection for grooming. Plus, you can mix up the door materials for visual interest. For example, install a mirrored centre door with faux timber laminate panels on either side. You could also opt for glossy white doors or zen-inspired frosted glass with a black frame.

Even though sliding doors are perfect for modern decor, they can also look traditional. For example, install cream-painted timber panels with contoured panelling. Another option is a beaded barn door look made from multiple vertical stained wood slats. While sliding doors come in a large array of styles, you could have yours custom-made with a unique design.

Easy to Operate

Sliding wardrobe doors are easy to operate, even if they use heavy glass, as they're usually supported along the bottom. So they simply glide sideways. Plus, you don't have to worry about the hinges wearing out as you do with swinging doors.

If you're interested in sliding wardrobe doors, call a supplier in your area. 


5 January 2022

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