Two Tips to Follow if You Want to Add Mirrors to Your Home’s Wardrobes or Internal Doors


If you'd like to hang some long mirrors on, for example, your home's bedroom doors or wardrobe doors, here are some tips to follow.

Buy mirrors made with toughened glass 

Not all mirrors are made with toughened glass, and it's not necessary to buy ones made of this material when you plan to hang them in areas where they'll rarely be touched or moved, except when they're being cleaned. However, when buying mirrors for any internal doors or wardrobe doors, it's essential to ensure they feature this material. The reason for this is that, for example, if you hang a long mirror on the inside of your bedroom door, the surface to which it's attached will swing backward and forward at least a couple of times a day. Likewise, you'll probably open and close any wardrobe doors that you add mirrors to a few times a day as well.

If you or another family member shuts one of these doors too forcefully and the mirror on it is made from standard glass, there's a chance it will shatter. This could result in sharp bits of glass landing all over the bedroom floor, the bed and your wardrobe's interior. Toughened glass mirrors, when subjected to this kind of force, will not shatter as easily and so will be less likely to create this type of mess. Furthermore, buying mirrors made with this type of glass will mean you won't have to always remember to close your wardrobe or bedroom doors gently.

Secure the mirrors to the doors in multiple ways  

It's also sensible to secure the mirrors to the doors in multiple ways. For example, if you've purchased an over-the-door mirror, which has a hook that you can slide onto the top edge of your bedroom door, you might also want to use some adhesive to secure the other parts of the mirror to the main body of the door. Depending on what type of backing and frame each mirror has, you might also want to use screws to keep it attached to the door.

This will reduce the chances of any of the mirrors falling off the doors or shattering when anyone opens or closes these doors. Furthermore, doing this will stop each mirror from shifting slightly to the left or the right whenever the door it's attached to moves; this is important, as you might become frustrated if you have to correct the mirror's position every time someone opens or closed the door.

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18 October 2022

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