Troubleshooting Some Simple Garage Door Repairs


Your automatic garage door should work for years without any problems, but it can occasionally malfunction or otherwise need repairs and maintenance. You may have done something to damage the door and its parts, or something may have simply broken down due to age and use. Note a few simple garage door repairs that you might be able to troubleshoot yourself and when you should handle these on your own versus calling a garage door repair specialist.

10 March 2016

Tip for Choosing the Right Garage Door for Your Home


Your home's garage door is more important to its overall style and even its safety and security than you may realize. A poorly maintained garage door can make the whole exterior of your home look rundown and shabby, and also offer a potential intruder a good entry point. When you're ready to choose a new garage door, note a few tips for selecting the right style and material as well as safety features.

15 January 2016

Making an Informed Choice on Rolling Shutters


A roller shutter typically rolls down to shield the window or door and then rolls up into a punnet overhead the window or door, keeping it concealed when not in use. Roller shutters are primarily used for safety and security however they also play a significant role in acoustic and insulation protection. The basic design of a roller shutter is a drape of steel or aluminium sections referred to a lath, which is coiled around a barrel which may be operated manually or electrically to either raise or lower the lath.

30 November 2015

Automatic Door Hazards Points and Best Safety Practices


Automatic doors are a popular alternative to conventional doors in business establishments for a number of reasons. Having automatic doors makes for better user experience and addresses the unique needs of disabled visitors and those carrying heavy bags. In addition, they are huge energy savers in buildings that run HVAC, since the doors are kept closed and only opened for incoming customers. However, just like any other motor-driven machine, there are inherent dangers with the operation of automatic doors.

4 November 2015

Installing A Screen Door For The First Time


A screen door is an ideal addition to a home. Although it offers some protection in the winter months, it really comes into its own during the summer. Fresh air and light can flow into the property, while flying pests are kept at bay. Installing a screen door is a great project for an inexperienced DIY person, as it is straightforward and doesn't require much time. This article looks at the steps involved when installing a screen door to your property.

19 August 2015

Safety Tips for Parents: What to Consider When Buying or Maintaining a Glass Shower Door


If you are installing glass doors on your shower and you have little kids in the house, you need to think about their safety. While you are shopping for a new shower door and once you own it, here are some safety tips in mind. They will help keep your child secure: 1. Opt for clear glass shower doors If you have small kids who aren't ready to be unsupervised while showering, install clear glass shower doors.

31 July 2015

How to Strip Multiple Coats of Old Paint from a Wooden Door


Old houses can hide many wonderful treasures including gorgeous wooden doors concealed beneath many layers of ancient paint. Here's how to strip down a wooden door to reveal its original beauty. Before you start The usual way to get rid of paint is to use paint stripper. Some caustic paint strippers discolour the wood which is no good if you were intending to keep the natural colour and grain visible under a coat of varnish.

5 June 2015