Safety Tips for Parents: What to Consider When Buying or Maintaining a Glass Shower Door


If you are installing glass doors on your shower and you have little kids in the house, you need to think about their safety. While you are shopping for a new shower door and once you own it, here are some safety tips in mind. They will help keep your child secure:

1. Opt for clear glass shower doors

If you have small kids who aren't ready to be unsupervised while showering, install clear glass shower doors. Avoid opaque or frosted glass, as it can make it impossible to monitor your child from outside the shower.

If you eventually decide, as your child gets older, that you want more privacy in your shower door, you can apply decals or tinted film to the clear glass.

2. Look for tempered safety glass

If you are a DIY lover who is making your own shower doors, do not use regular glass or window glass. Instead, whether you are making or buying your new shower doors, make sure they feature tempered safety glass.

This type of glass is heated in the manufacturing process, and it is designed to break in a certain way. In the event that it breaks, it disintigrates into very small shards. Although not completely painless, these shards will hurt your child much less than shards that come from broken untempered glass.

3. Have the shower doors professionally installed

To reduce the risk that the shower doors may break on your child or anyone else in your home, make sure you have them professionallly installed. Skilled shower door installers can make sure that the shower door has all of the necessary rubber stoppers in place, and that the frame or runner is lined up correctly. If you opt for a framless shower door, the installer, someone like Just Glass, can also ensure that is done correctly.

4. Check your shower door for fractures

If you have a child using your shower, you also need to monitor your shower door on a regular basis. Look over its edges for small fractures or cracks. These blemishes may occur due to random happenings such as a child slamming the shower door or accidentally bumping into it.

However, the door doesn't break as a result of these small issues. Instead, it breaks later and shatters suddenly. If you want to ensure your child's shower isn't interrupted by a shower of glass, check the edges of your shower door about once a week. If you see issues, call a glass installer about replacing the glass.



31 July 2015

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