What to Do If Your Blinds Are Too Wide for Your Window Frame


If you've just moved into a new home and the blinds are too slightly too wide for the windows, that can be annoying, as the blinds stick in the window frame as you try to roll them up and down. In other cases, you may simply have a acquired a blind for free that is too wide for your window. Regardless of why your blinds are too wide for your window, there are a two fixes you can try.

Cut the blind so it is more narrow.

Narrowing the width of a blind can be done with a bit of time and patience. If you have a roller blind, remove it from the window, and lay on a large piece of graph paper. Measure the window frame and subtract a millimetre or two -- that's how wide you want your blind so it also has a bit of room to move up and down in the window frame.

Use the lines on the graph paper to ensure your blind is straight. Then, mark your desired width on the graphing paper just above and below the shade. Lay a meter stick over the blind, stretching between your two marks, and make a straight and steady line along it with a pencil. Remove the stick and carefully cut the blind with a precision cutting knife or a scissors.

If you have a blind with slats, follow the same format, but cut each slat individually with  scissors, taking care not to cut any of the cords that run through the blind.

Mount the blind on the window frame.

If you're not up to crafting, you may be able to solve the issue with a bit of handyman work. If the blinds are too wide to move up and down in your window frame without getting stuck or if they're simply too wide to even fit in the window frame, mount them in another place.

You can mount the blind hardware directly to your window frame instead of inside. If you don't like that look, hide the top of the blinds with a curtain valance. If you prefer the window frame to show above the valance, nail a small board over the very top of the window directly under the top of the window frame. Attach your blinds to that board. Then, cover the board with your valance but allow the top of the window frame to show.  

If you don't want to craft or move around your blinds, it may be time to treat yourself to new roller blinds. Call a blind company about finding a set of blinds that fits your window perfectly.


29 July 2016

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